Private Cloud Application Hosting


PayPerCloud builds the best custom Private Clouds for businesses.


Private Cloud Application Hosting

PayPerCloud builds the best custom Private Clouds for businesses. A Private Cloud is a dedicated cluster of highly available, scalable, secure and redundant web servers deployed in a Hyper-V Cloud Architecture. Compared to the traditional approach of purchasing, provisioning and managing the architecture, PayPerCloud’s Private Cloud solution is an all inclusive solution which includes provision, setup, perpetual licensing, monitoring and complete management of the cluster thereby guaranteeing enhanced security, improved back-up options, experienced technical support for maintenance, brand-new name-brand equipment, and zero downtime.


The high availability infrastructure of a private cloud is comprised of hosting in a world-class datacenter, a managed hosting solution with high-availability firewalls, load balancing, enterprise grade hardware, disk-to-disk-to-tape continuous data protection, advanced monitoring and patching. This combination of redundancy and managed services provides your Private Cloud with the backbone necessary to guarantee your applications are always available.


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