Web-based project management application.



Founded in March 2008, Projecturf is the Web-based project management app that helps individuals and businesses manage projects, people, and tasks. Although our product was officially released in 2008, Projecturf was created nearly 7 years prior by the team at Rareview.


TabsUnhappy with the apps available at that time, Projecturf was created with the purpose of offering tons of features wrapped in a pretty box. Essentially, we saw a need for a project management app that paid special attention to aesthetics and that was designed for the human experience, which is done by applying user-centered design principles. Rareview’s award-winning UX design team provided the direct, critical experience we needed to design Projecturf.


Projecturf, the Web-based software app, is based on the core function of creating and managing a project. A project can be big or small, personal or business. Once a project is created, you add team members to the project who gain instant access to it via the Web. Within a project, there are tons of features and functions that can be done, such as creating and managing tasks, events on the calendar, and discussions; uploading and storing designs and documents; and analyzing project data using the Dashboard activity history and reporting.


Projecturf keeps you up-to-date on all your projects and stores everything in one place, that is always accessible, secure, and backed up.


Our goal is to reduce complexity by keeping Projecturf lightweight, intuitive, and fast. By utilizing the latest Web technologies, we have virtually eliminated page refreshing and clicks; increasing interactive responsiveness and guaranteeing a fast and efficient experience. Projecturf also offers customization. You can upload your own logo, create your own custom URL, change the colors, and tailor our app to suit your needs. Projecturf is the best looking app on the market and our platform is flexible enough to give you plenty of options and features.


Projecturf uses the highest level of security available on all accounts at all times. Data that is transferred between our servers and your computer is protected using a 256-bit encrypted SSL certificate and our servers are hosted with Rackspace in a SAS 70 Type II-compliant datacenter, where they are constantly monitored and reside behind firewalls, anti-virus protection, and intrusion detection services for additional security. Data is backed up nightly (including all databases) in case of an emergency and can be restored within a few hours if problems arise.




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