The fast, easy way to manage feedback and approval of creative projects.



Proof HQ uses simple tools to instantly streamline your creative approvals.
We help you create and manage high-quality online proofs from over 50 file types (see complete list). These include PDF, Adobe CS, PDF, Word, Powerpoint, GIF, PNG, JPEG and many more. But it’s not just static files. You can create proofs from audio-visual files such as MPG, AVI and MOV, and both animated and interactive SWF files. You can also capture web pages for review.

Easy-to-use commenting and markup tools.

Your reviewers aren’t all rocket scientists, so you want your your online proofing system to be straightforward and suitable for all levels of technical expertise. We designed our proof viewer so that new or non-technical users just “get it”. You have a simple set of tools that make commenting and feedback quick and easy. For more expert users the advanced tools are just a click away.

Preview very large files in seconds.

Ideally you want to have your review team reviewing production-ready files, rather than low-resolution proofs. The problem is that these files are too big to email and most people don’t have FTP or know how to use it when they do. This issue is compounded when you are working on multi-page files such as catalogs. Even if you do ship the hi-res file, it can take an age for the reviewers to download the file to their PC or Mac.With ProofHQ you can create proofs from files of up to 3GB. These proofs will stream into the reviewers’ browsers in just a few seconds. They don’t have to wait for the full file to download before they can start reviewing your proof.


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