Proxyclick Visitor Management


Affordable, full-featured web-based software to manage your visitors.


Proxyclick Visitor Management
Proxyclick Visitor Management is a web-based software through which you can manage your company visitors. Main features include pre-registration, badge printing, reports, check in, emergency list, self-registration on iPad, statistics. Free trial with full access to all functionalities and full support.

Why use Visitor Management?

  • At any moment, you can retrieve the list of visitors in your building, including their contact details and reason of visit. This list is accessible from any PC or smartphone, so that you can check for safe visitors from anywhere in case of emergency.
  • With Visitor Management, your visitors feel welcome in a professional and personal way. They receive in advance an automatic e-mail with all the meeting details. Then, on the day of the meeting, receptionists have all of the information they need in order to welcome visitors in a personal way: name of visitor, host, meeting room, and potential comments.
  • People are busy. They don’t really have time to send emails over and back about expected visitors. Instead, with Visitor Management, information is entered only once and is then used multiple times throughout the process: from sending the invitation to the visitor, to visitor check-in, host notification and reporting to the reception.
  • All you need is a PC connected to the internet. Invite colleagues to join the platform and announce their visitors. Reception desk has a view of all announced visitors on his/her screen, can check them in and notify the host with just one click.


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