Puzzle eCommerce B2B


Your wholesale stock will sell "on its own"


Puzzle eCommerce B2B

Have a wholesale? You have a lot of partners with various purchase conditions and prices? Difficult to navigate through myriads of orders because you do not know which partner is in which discount group? You came to the right place. Puzzle e-Commerce 2011 B2B can help you with your business. Your partners will visit your portal and individually order your products, Puzzle e-Commerce 2011 B2B will recognize the partner and offer prices, delivery terms, receive payments accordingly.
In addition to e-seller’s functionality, this product features a complete CMS (Content Management System), a system for updating content portal. It is designed for medium and large companies that have a need for a large stock of products and constant communication with potential customers. The whole package is optimized so that it can support a large number of visits, unlimited bandwidth … Each instance of Puzzle E-Commerce 2011 B2B adapts to each client separately starting with the complete design, business processes, statistics, etc.

Puzzle e-Commerce 2011 B2B enables you to communicate and cooperate with retailers in real time. You stock content will always be available to your partners as well as purchase prices of each product. When a customer orders a product from you, it will immediately be removed from your stock and compiled to a purchase order. Procurement staff will immediately be informed about the client who ordered the products and the prices of the product and accordingly determine the delivery terms. Your partners will receive automated notifications of the product stored in your warehouse or the product not previously been on stock.
If your partner has a Puzzle e-Commerce 2011 B2C you can connect them to your network. That way they become part of your organization, in a way that they can sell products not yet ordered from you in their retail. How is that possible?
A partner who is in your network has clients in retail who wants to buy the products. Clients can view the products directly from the retail stock of your partner as well as the products from your wholesale stock. The prices toward clients include your margin and the margin of your partners. As a result of ordering, you have generated purchase orders toward retail and at the dame time generated purchase orders of your partner toward you. The result of this process is the possibility of faster sales and product availability. Think about how many times the retail lost a customer due to stock unavailability. With Puzzle e-Commerce 2011 B2B you will never be in such situation and what is most important, your wholesale stock will sell “on its own”.


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