Salestrakr CRM


Salestrakr is an innovator in CRM and sales force automation.


Salestrakr CRM

Salestrakr is an easy to use, easy to purchase web based CRM application. Salestrakr provides full featured CRM and contact management features at a fraction of the price of most high-end CRM apps. Salestrakr is used by companies all over the world to keep track of their customers, vendors and prospects. It is helping sales teams to track opportunities, and to close more sales. And Salestrakr helps marketing groups to run effective marketing campaigns to generate more leads and prospects.


Salestrakr is an innovator in CRM and sales force automation. Salestrakr is a system salespeople WANT to use, not a system they HAVE to. We LOVE software. And just like our customers, we had been using CRM software for our everyday business lives. But, we found those new online systems hard to use (and really expensive.) And those older PC systems were difficult to maintain and wouldn’t run on multiple operating systems. So, we created Salestrakr. Easy to use and even easier to buy! And may we say the easiest to work with as well. The two founders, Steve Youngblood and Paul Freet desire to be the friendliest software company in the world.


Features include:

  • Import Your Existing CRM Data
  • Edit In Place
  • Manage Your Pipeline
  • Organize Users in a Sales Hierarchy
  • Advanced Search and Reporting
  • Custom Fields and Types
  • Team Calendar
  • Email Dropbox
  • Group Email
  • Marketing Automation Overview



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