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Security Intelligence by Nominum

The botnet problem has become highly visible, with mainstream media regularly reporting on successful exploits. Governments and regulators are also increasingly aware of the botnet problem and are looking to service providers to help solve the problem. Although various solutions are available to detect the presence of bots, including client-based solutions, most bots easily evade these defenses.  Furthermore, client-based protection is not available for many devices, especially mobile. The problem requires network-based solutions that are pervasive and scalable, and can readily adapt to deter increasingly agile botnet threats.


Safeguard end users, protect vital network resources, and preserve brand equity with Security Intelligence by Nominum.


  • Extremely efficient method of identifying bot-related activity, with no impact on DNS services.
  • Easily deployed networkwide, can cover tens of millions of users.
  • Respects user privacy, DNS based solution never even sees web and other user traffic.
  • Continuously updated threat data provides up-to-the-minute protection against agile botnet threats.
  • Undermines fast flux techniques employed by bots to avoid detection.


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