Submit and fix bugs fast - in the cloud.



semBugTracker helps you submit, track and fix the bugs and issues that software projects are bound to generate. The Bug Tracking module allows administrators to configure the workflow and permissions for bug submission and changes to the status and details of reported bugs.


Submit and Organize Issues

sem.BugTracker allows administrators to configure permissions based on status, move the bug to another status, or delete the bug. It helps you to simplify every step of tracking bugs.


Custom Workflow

Issue tracker’s flexible workflow pattern lets you define individual workflows for different projects. It’s easy to configure workflows in sem.BugTracker to reflect your company’s unique needs.


Configure Notifications

Issue manager can send e-mail notifications for various events happening during the issue tracking life cycle within a project to the users. You can configure notifications when it got created, assigned to you or resolved as per your needs.


Define Business Rules

Define Business Rules that will enable you to organize the issues and perform action such as changing the severity, priority, the module and assigning the issue to a user when there is a change in the status.


Set Severity and Classifications

Severity is the measurement of how seriously the defect affects the application and it’s use. You can group the bugs into different classifications like Security, Crash/Hang, DataLoss etc.


My Bugs View

My Bugs view provides a consolidated view of bugs reported or assigned to you. By this you can get know the number of bugs that needs to be fixed and removes the hassles of remembering all the bugs.



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