Sensage 4


The Event Data Warehouse for Security, Compliance and Risk Management


Sensage 4

SenSage 4 is a purpose-built data management warehouse optimized for event collection, retention and analysis. SenSage 4 uses a patented columnar architecture that organizes data by column and stores it a highly compressed, clustered environment without the use of any indices. Data collection from any log and event source is easy and automated thanks to an imbedded data collection layer. In addition, SenSage 4’s unique data abstraction layer, Intellischema, provides the capability to add new sources or reports on the fly without the need to change existing analytics.


Finally, SenSage 4 includes an intuitive management console that is the source of dashboard, alerting, and business intelligence solutions. Data export and workflow is made easy thanks to extensive APIs and customization tools. The results are dramatic. SenSage solutions cost 70% less than “modern” data warehouse or security management solutions. SenSage solutions are currently deployed at small businesses (about 5 terabytes) up to large, global environments (a petabyte or greater).


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