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A cross platform frontend development and deployment environment for SQL databases.



What is Servoy?

The fastest and coolest way to develop and deploy cloud-based business applications anywhere and on any device.


Who is it for?

Servoy is for ISVs that want to deliver compelling, dynamic business apps that are as easy and intuitive as any smartphone app.


Why use it?

Our tools are enterprise-grade but still intuitive, leverage existing development skills and fuel creativity. You’ll pick them up in days, not weeks or months.
Agile dev, agile deploy


  • With Servoy, agile development is a given and we’ve added agile deployment on top of that.
  • With Servoy, you develop once and deploy anywhere – from desktops to smartphones.
  • We let you build once and deploy for wherever your customers and their apps are – whether they’re still on-premise or ready for the cloud.
  • Servoy’s built-in multi-tenancy enables SaaS
  • Servoy’s metering support makes flexible pricing and freemium models easy to do.
  • Building desirable and easy to use applications becomes second nature with Servoy’s tools.


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