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Silverpop Engage Share-to-Social

To succeed in reaching customers through social networks, it’s a good idea to make friends with Silverpop’s solutions. People are inherently multi-channel, constantly interacting across various social networks throughout the course of their day.  If you want to connect on a personal level, you have to be everywhere your prospects are, and communicate with them on their terms through mediums like email and social media.


Silverpop’s social media capabilities make it easy for you to increase social media buzz, integrate social media across your marketing activities – and automate your social media efforts.  Leverage customer and prospect behavior to increase the relevance of your communications and seamlessly deliver messages across various social channels, as well as email, using Silverpop to:


Automate Social Posts: Efficiently increase your reach

Easily distribute and schedule social media messaging as part of your integrated marketing campaign strategy.


Share Socially: Generate social buzz

Turn email messaging into social buzz by giving users the ability to easily share messages with others in their social networks


Grow your Database: Provide registration alternatives

Simplify the process and increase conversions by allowing site visitors to register for online offers by signing in with their existing social network accounts.


Data Collection on the Go: Gather data wherever you interact with your target market

Face-to-face interactions offer a great a great opportunity to increase subscribers.  Collect crucial contact information, even when there is no internet service, and sync to your database at a later time.


Increase Loyalty: Get Local

Run location-based marketing programs across Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter.   From loyalty programs to contests to local offers, give customers and prospects another way to interact with your brand.


Report on your Success: Identify your most valuable brand influencers

Know which messages have gone viral, and track social activity at a granular level and target future communications based on that information. See how many times a message has been shared on social networks, viewed and clicked.


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