Silverpop Web Pages, Forms and Surveys

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Easily Create Custom Landing Pages, Forms and Surveys to Drive Interactions and ROI


Silverpop Web Pages, Forms and Surveys

As a marketer, you know the power that comes with being in control of web content creation.  With Silverpop, marketers who are at any technical skill level can easily create relevant, personalized landing pages, forms and surveys easily and quickly.

Silverpop’s Landing Pages offer an intuitive drag-and-drop form builder, so you can create powerful custom Web pages and forms—in order for you to maximize data, capture and increase conversions.
Silverpop’s Landing Pages features include:


  • Easy Creation and Management—Get rid of the frustrating “cookie-cutter” templates and other design restrictions. Quickly import HTML pages or use the intuitive Web-based editor to create even more personalized landing pages or microsites from scratch. Be able to match your brand and the creative content of your campaigns—creating true-custom pages.
  • Integration and Personalization—Easily combine your landing pages and microsites with your marketing messages. Be able to create customized content for each visitor arriving from your emails or digital campaigns. Your recipients and prospects can experience the same level of customization from your outbound marketing on personalized landing pages and microsites.
  • Customized Web Forms—Quickly deploy your Web forms in just minutes. With a simple user interface, zero IT resources are required. Create and install branded forms, utilizing integrated Web forms—for opt-in, opt-out, preference centers, lead-nurturing communications and more.
  • On-Demand Reporting and Behavioral Tracking—Reports for your landing pages or microsites enable you to quickly and easily understand how visitors are interacting with your content. With Landing Pages, you can identify visitor actions and quickly, automatically market or remarket to those arriving from offline or online campaigns, paid search and other domains.


In addition to landing pages and web forms, Silverpop’s Survey Tool allows marketers to easily create and embed surveys to gather customer feedback to help boost relevance and ROI.  Our survey tool is fully integrated with Silverpop Engage and gives marketers the power to gather information that can immediately be leveraged to enhance and increase the relevance of marketing campaigns.


Survey features include:

  • Fully Featured Survey Builder—Create surveys customized with single-choice radio buttons, multiple-choice check boxes, free-form text boxes, rating scales, ranking orders and much more. Survey also makes it easy to use advanced branch logic, guiding respondents through different question paths based on their answers to previous questions.
  • Customizable Branding—Use a custom survey link that matches your domain (e.g., surveys.yourdomain.com) and create surveys with custom headers, footers and style sheets that match your brand and your Web site precisely. Once respondents complete the survey, you can redirect them to the URL of your choice—your home page or a personalized landing page or microsite with documents or product information that complements the survey topic.
  • Simple Deployment—Choose where and how you want to survey your customers. You can embed polls and/or surveys within your branded emails, host questions on your Web site, or deploy fully branded, multipage surveys from Silverpop servers.
  • On-Demand Reporting and Optimization—Use several predefined reports leveraging the powerful reporting engine Silverpop Engage provides. You can also easily append respondent information directly into your Silverpop Engage database. All response data is fully exportable in multiple formats, and exports can be set to recur on a scheduled basis to share results with colleagues.


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