Silverpop Engage Transact


Get full tracking, reporting and enhanced deliverability for any message from any system in your organization.


Silverpop Engage Transact

Get full tracking, reporting and enhanced deliverability for any message from any system in your organization.


Companies frequently need to convey important messages to customers in real time. They also need to gauge performance. Was the message successfully delivered? Did recipients take the desired action? How did results compare with others? But entrenched technology and complex business processes can make it difficult for marketers to properly monitor and measure results for internally assembled messages.

For marketers seeking the ability to engage with customers when they’re most likely to be receptive to up-sell and cross-sell offers, Silverpop Transact is the answer.  It offers the benefits of full tracking, in-depth reporting, enhanced message deliverability and more with little to no upheaval to existing technical systems or message creation processes.


Reclaim Control of your Company’s Triggered Messaging


Silverpop Transact enables marketers to exert control over branding and other marketing elements in any message triggered from any system across the enterprise. Marketers can generate personalization and rich HTML for every kind of triggered message where real-time delivery is critical, including receipts, notifications, alerts, itineraries, etc.


Marketers face many challenges when they lack full control of triggered messaging:


  • Lack of tracking means marketers can’t tell how customers are interacting with important messages
  • Lack of reporting means marketers can’t gauge a campaign’s success
  • Poor or inconsistent branding hinders marketers’ ability to strengthen customer relationships
  • No visibility into deliverability means marketers can’t tell if their messages are getting through
  • Inconsistent deliverability diminishes customer satisfaction and can increase customer service costs


Marketers seeking maximum results from their programs recognize the value of improved deliverability, tracking, scalability and the opportunity to include cross-promotion offers in their triggered messages.


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