Collaborate with all your peers even if you are not connected to the Internet.



Sironta is a Real Time Project Management Tool. Sironta connects two or more users without making any network changes to share files of any type and any size from anywhere in the world without violating the terms of confidentiality or the NDA that such documents may have.
The application has Windows, Mac and Linux versions.


Major features include:


  • Collaborate with all your peers even if you are not connected to the Internet. It’s time to work efficiently. It’s time to share information.
  • Everything organized-Upload your files to Sironta and they will be automatically indexed and searchable. They will be categorized by versions, authors, name, folder, etc. Finding exactly what you want is simple; just sort your files by any available category, or by your personalized configuration.
  • Do it faster-Increase your productivity. Improve your efficiency. Share instantly. Find everything faster. Create and edit documents inside Sironta and instantly synchronize them with your peers all in one.
  • Work with any type of files -Are you an architect? A lawyer? Or even a mathematician? Sironta has been created for you. No matter what types of files you work with, you will be able to collaborate with Sironta because it works with all of them.
  • Collaboration means communication-And communication means talking. Talk with any partner inside the same room with Sironta instant messaging or simulate a meeting for all the people within a room by creating a multichat session.
  • Safely store and control-You control who is granted access to your room/s. All invited users are able to access and edit documents within your room. For your security, your files will automatically be stored safely in a distributed back up once you upload them to Sironta.
  • Real Time. Instant notification- Finally, a  Real Time Project Management Tool is here. Simply send an invite and then create, edit, talk, and collaborate together. No waiting for e-mails. No lost information. Everything, organized, distributed. Right now.
  • Doesn’t matter who are your partners and how they work -Sironta was designed for global collaboration. It won’t matter if your partners don’t use the same OS as you, Sironta was designed to work with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Simple, seameless teamwork.


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