Software Update Wizard


Enable Internet Updates in your Application with a Single Line of Code!


 Software Update Wizard

The Software Update Wizard integrates with any development environment or programming language and can be used to update 32 bit or 64 bit Windows applications. Your application can initiate an updates check either by launching our small stub application or by calling an exported function from our DLL. Developers all over the world have successfully been using our update software to add automatic update functionality to their applications since 2003.



Integrating the Software Update Wizard with your application is as simple as adding a WebUpdate (URL) call to your application code, either at startup or in response to a menu choice.

Easy to deploy your software updates:


Deploying a new update is fast and easy. Upload the updated version file(s), installer or patcher to a web server, together with a simple text based script file. Your users will receive their application updates automatically and effortlessly. They don’t need Administrator rights to their computers because the low footprint Software Update Wizard service securely and automatically applies the updates for them.

The easiest way to discover how simple it is to integrate the Software Update Wizard into your application is to download our free evaluation version and see for yourself! The download is the full, developer edition of the Software Update Wizard. The only difference between it and a registered copy is that it stops working after 30 days and it displays a promotional ‘scrolling link’ on each update dialog box which links back to our website. When you are ready to purchase your Software Update Wizard you will receive a special licence code, which converts your existing trial version into a full registered version and removes these restrictions.

A sample update script


Integrating the Software Update Wizard with your application should only take you a few minutes. Authoring a simple update script another few minutes, if you use this example as a basis:

Message=There is an updated version of MyApp, which will now be downloaded and installed for you.
Importance=Optional <AllowPostpone>


Should you decide that the Software Update Wizard is not for you, it uninstalls cleanly and is simple to remove from your application. Just delete the WebUpdate( URL) call from your application code and remove all references to our DLL from your project.


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