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Soliant Consulting

We specialize in databases, Web sites, cloud services, and mobile apps with a focus on service: we help businesses invent the tools that really fit. Founded in 2004, our offices are in Chicago, San Francisco, and Philadelphia and we often travel to work with our clients in person.

Service first.

As consultants, we differentiate ourselves from staffing agencies by focusing on what to build and why, rather than just how. We begin by focusing on analysis and striving to learn all we can about our clients’ businesses. We work scrupulously to ensure our approach is results-centric and tied directly to value so that our software will solve the right problems.

Our analysis capabilities are always coupled with a technical focus: the best, most creative solutions are often derived by those that couple business analysis with a broad, imaginative technology perspective.

Seasoned process.

We believe that the way in which we work on a project is almost as important as the project itself; it is only through careful communication, planning and diligent task management that we can manage the uncertainties implicit in software development. We support our efforts with robust, Web-based project management tools to ensure that our projects run as planned – or adjust course if they do not.

Deep bench.

If you know music, think of Soliant as an orchestra, not a band. Our best strength is our culture: we’re a true team and not a boutique depending on one central personality. We have incredibly low turn-over and a number of our team members have returned to Soliant a second time around. Our consultants and developers are supported, trained, and experienced.


Specialties include:


  • FileMaker – We have decades of experience with FileMaker and are one of the leading third-party developers in the world. Put our database expertise to the test.
  • Salesforce – We specialize in complex custom applications built on Salesforce and Apex. We can help extend and truly leverage your investment in the platform.
  • PHP Zend – As a leading Zend partner and early adopter of PHP, we craft professional, first-tier web applications that deliver deep functionality and exceed industry standards.
  • Technology & Process Consulting – Our PMI-certified project managers are process experts and our business analysts can help quickly narrow down what to build… and what not to.


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