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Solvis Consulting
Solvis Consulting helps small businesses as well as large enterprises achieve specific outcomes by defining the necessary systems needed and creating a framework to support them. Solvis Consulting seeks project success by understanding your business, industry and corporate culture. With over 20 years of industry experience on an international level Solvis Consulting sets itself apart by providing a more intimate customer relationship that will evolve along with your business.
Solvis Consulting provides educational seminars and workshops that will help your company achieve clarity regarding what is important and where you should focus your CRM investments. Our strategy services will help you identify opportunities to engage customers that are already having conversations about your brand or company on the Internet.
Solvis Consulting can help your agency; call center; BPO; or social media team implement a Social Command Center to manage crisis, social marketing or customer support. By choosing our  service we will help you select and define a social networking community platform specifically configured around the branding and positioning of your business.


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