Speech Labs EVS


Enterprise Voice Search: Making Every Call Searchable


Speech Labs EVS

Speech Labs’ voice search solutions empower you to search for information across your entire enterprise. Whether it’s in the board room, or on the phone, these solutions allow you to hear, understand, and act on knowledge from anywhere. Join Speech Labs Enterprise Voice Search (EVS) and explore how the power of speech changes everything:

Key Features:

  • With Speech Labs EVS, every call across the enterprise becomes searchable. “Replay” meetings to better understand key decisions and drive alignment around new opportunities.
  • Meeting minutes 2.0. The Speech Labs EVS resource sits in on conference calls as a silent notetaker. Attendees can focus exclusively on the conversation at hand without having to take copious notes.
  • Better manage the internal threat with the ability to manage security and monitor disclosures more effectively.
  • Business continuity becomes easier. Knowledge lost when resources leave an organization has tangible bottom-line effects. With EVS, your business can reduce lost knowledge and more effectively get employees “up-to-speed”.


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