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SpiraTeam by Inflectra

A closer look at some of the agile software testing and project management features will make it very clear that SpiraTeam is your best choice for application lifecycle management:


Project Management

  • Develop requirements and user-stories, then decompose into detailed tasks for resource tracking
  • Prioritize and schedule requirementsfor each release/iteration
  • Assign requirements, tasks and incidents using Agile planning board
  • Track bugs, enhancements, risks and issues linked to changes in yoursource code repository


Quality Assurance

  • Create, edit and execute test-cases
  • Map tests to requirements to track coverage
  • Create and assign test sets for test execution management
  • Record bugs linked to test steps for full test traceability
  • Manage manual and automated testing



  • Personalized dashboards and customizable reporting
  • Ability to attach documents, screenshots and URLs to all artifacts
  • Full audit history of all changes made in the system
  • Web-based graphs and reports in multiple formats (HTML, MS-Office and Adobe Acrobat).


For the project manager, it provides the ability to create and manage the initial high level scope of the project – the features, requirements and user stories. It also provides a complete set of software test management features so that once the requirements have been developed, the technical team can begin to develop a high level release schedule and the associated test plan. This is where the requirements are mapped to the test cases so that the testing team can validate the functionality works as expected, and the project manager can ensure there is complete requirements test coverage.


Once the project is underway, the combined business and technical team work together to develop the iteration/sprint plan for the releases, break up the features into discrete stories and tasks and begin assigning the items to the individual iterations. Meanwhile, the quality assurance team can assign sets of test cases to be executed. Any deviations from expected behavior can then be recorded as defects and managed in the defect tracking module.



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