Splunk Log Management


The flexible and complete approach to using and analyzing log data.


Splunk Log Management

How are you managing access to and analysis of your log data today? Can you access all your logs from one central location? Can you quickly search and analyze your logs to troubleshoot issues, meet compliance requirements and investigate security threats?


Collect, Use and Analyze All Your Log Data in Real Time


Customers are turning to Splunk to improve how they use and analyze log data. Splunk automatically indexes all the data, including complex multi-line application logs, enabling you to search on all the data without need for custom connectors, and without limitations inherent in database schemas. Once in Splunk, you can quickly search and report on this data – and Splunk interprets the data as you search providing a more complete context. The result is a more flexible and complete approach to using and analyzing log data, enabling you to diagnose issues and troubleshoot security incidents faster, and providing repeatable and affordable compliance. With Splunk, your log management capabilities are now more powerful, flexible, and no longer limited to “select” data sources or a “fixed” set of reports.


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