Stratus EverRun


High-availability software that practically runs itself.


Stratus EverRun

At the core of all Stratus® everRun® solutions is our powerful and patented ComputeThru™ technology. Here’s what this technology can do for you:


  • Resiliency and prevention. Stratus everRun application availability solutions create a completely resilient application environment, from the network and storage to server and application. everRun high-availability software maintains a fully redundant application environment, completely transparent to the application. It proactively prevents application outages by monitoring all components and automatically redirecting I/O away from failed devices to redundant devices.
  • Real-time validation. Using everRun software is like having an application and system expert constantly on call, watching over your applications. everRun technology automatically monitors all components of the application environment and automatically synchronizes data between them. Proactive failure alerts notify you when something may need attention soon, such as an increase in I/O errors on a storage device.
  • Simplicity and automation. The everRun high-availability software practically runs itself. After an easy, automated installation, it takes over synchronizing, monitoring, correcting and repairing problems in the application environment to prevent downtime. You have a single, unified application environment to manage rather than multiple point solutions for storage, application, server and network resources.


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