STS Suite


Trusted Exchange and Archiving, Digital document management


STS Suite

Digital document management has offered organizations productivity gain and time saving in data processing and sharing. However, there are still questions for organizations as to the preservation and the legal value of electronic documents, the protection of human rights and the traceability of exchanges.


With that in mind, STS Group created the STS Suite offer which brings Digital Trust for Businesses, Public Administration and individuals. With Digital Trust, you can preserve and exchange electronically without altering the document and be able to prove it. STS Suite ensures integrity, security, long-term preservation and traceability of exchanged and archived electronic documents.


Benefits of STS Suite:


  • Faster Time-to-Market
    • Open solution with Web Services & APIs
    • Expert services for integration follow-up
  • Adapts to your business
    • Secure Exchange, Legal Archiving, Digital Signature
    • On site, outsourced, SaaS, Cloud…
  • Enables Trust at every level
    • Authentication, Encryption
    • Audit trail, traceability
    • Integrity check
    • Digital signature, Timestamping, Verification
    • User rights management, Enhanced administration interface



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