Tactile CRM

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Easy and simple to use affordable Web Based CRM


Tactile CRM

Tactile CRM lets you easily record every email, telephone call, note, activity and meeting, so that you and your colleagues can quickly see every interaction.


Tactile CRM also lets you:


  • Easily search contacts – organisations, people and recently viewed
  • Set up activities to remind you of outstanding actions against each organisation, such as calling them back.
  • Assign organisations and activities to other users with optional email notification.
  • Share information on clients and contacts with others in your organisation by using our simple access control, or let everybody see everything.
  • Categorise your contacts by status, source, classification, rating, industry
  • Import and Export data from csv files, vCards, Google, Microsoft Outlook and more
  • Download into Excel at the click of a button.
  • Create mailing lists to send mail-merged letters or emails using the powerful tagging system.
  • Work with the email client of your choice with its easy-to-use email integration – including Outlook, Mail.app and GMail.


Remember Tactile CRM is an easy to use CRM sales tool that means even occasional users can get up and running without training on this simple web CRM.


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VN:F [1.9.21_1169]
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