Team Password Manager


Web password management software for groups.


Team Password Manager

Most password managers on the market today are personal password managers or enterprise password managers. Personal password managers do a good job storing and sorting passwords for individuals. Enterprise password managers help employees of a company manage the passwords for the applications they use inside the company.


What both types of applications lack is a means of sharing passwords!


Team Password Manager is a multiuser password management system. It is designed for managing passwords that need to be shared between more than one person: the members of your team, your clients, your partners, or anyone that needs it.It’s the perfect password manager for organizations or teams that use lots of password data: IT support companies, IT departments, web agencies, …


Main Features:


Designed from the ground up to be a group based password manager. Each user has a login credential to access the system and view/manage the passwords needed for his/her work.

Manages passwords efficiently

It groups passwords into projects for better organization. Passwords and projects can be tagged, searched for and saved as favorites.


Password data is stored encrypted with the latest encryption technology (AES-256). Users can use two-factor authentication to sign in.

Self hosted

Install it on your own server, so that you can control your data. It uses standard PHP/MySQL technology

Easy to use and manage

It’s a simple and focused application, so that it’s very easy to learn and use for end users and administrators

Logs everything

Every action a user does inside the software is recorded in a log that can be queried by different criteria.

Web based

Once installed, anyone can access the application with a browser, from anywhere

Free version

There’s a free version with a maximum of 2 users and 5 projects, with no time limit =>Start using it now



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