Techinline Remote Desktop


The fastest way to remotely connect to your client's computer


Techinline Remote Desktop

Techinline is a remote support tool that enables instant, secure, and trouble-free connections between remote computers over the web and to any point in the world. Our remote desktop solution delivers a wide range of useful tools and features that allow you to effectively handle any support scenario that may be encountered.


With our remote desktop software, your support team can quickly view, diagnose, and resolve technical issues on the remote computer without pre-installing software. We utilize the latest and most reliable industry standards and infrastructure to ensure the highest level of security and privacy for our users.


Key Remote Support Features:

Remote Desktop Support
View and control any computer over the web

Reboot and Reconnect
Automatically continue the remote support session after a reboot

File Transfer
Exchange files and clipboard with the remote computer

Instant Chat
Send and receive instant text chat messages

Full UAC Support
Perform administrative tasks on the remote desktop


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