Integrated, Virtual, and IT Aware DevOps environment



TechLive is a virtual workplace that fully supports the notion of DevOps, the adoption of roles, tools, and processes that improve collaboration between developers and IT operations.


If you believe in the DevOps spirit but don’t have a team yet, TechLive helps you instantly build a virtual DevOps team across your IT organization, vendors, and other sources of support, wherever they are geographically. If you already have a DevOps team, TechLive provides them with a support environment that will dramatically increase their productivity.


DevOps Reality

DevOps team consists of people like sysadmins, developers, and subject matter experts with multidisciplinary skill set, typically responsible for a highly complex, integrated Web environment. Their jobs include maintaining and operating on virtual configurations, writing or scripting snippets of code, releasing software updates and patches, monitoring and tuning networks, systems availability, and performance, using a variety of displays and tools of the trade. When troubleshooting daily challenges, the job sometimes demands skills not necessarily in their forte. Hence they connect, faciliate, communicate and reach out to each other for support, including outside vendors.


DevOps Environment

What DevOps people need is a virutal, integrated, and IT aware environment that faciliates their job. TechLive supports an unstructured data Repository with direct integration and sharing, and a war room loaded with tools for flexible data collection, analysis, and collaboration. TechLive improves DevOps productivity by enabling fast response to complex challenges.


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