An idea management and channeling system.



Teepin is a smart web-based tool designed to motivate everyone at your organization. It’s An idea management and channeling system that allows companies to engage and listen to everyone working in their organization.


  • Discussion – Ideas are uploaded and debated by all employees. They can follow, vote and comment them, thus keeping up-to-date on the debates and ideas status of development.Teepin strengthens team spirit by counting on every employee as key when solving problems and creating new solutions.



  • Groups – Groups are sets of employees under any criteria; i.e. the department they work in, a project, common interests, and so on. Each group is led by a manager, who is responsible for its management and drive.

    Each user belongs to a main group, which is the department he/she works in the company, but can also belong to any other groups, given the high level of flexibility Teepin features.
    The number of groups and their members is unlimited.


  • Challenges – Challenges are specific requests for ideas, under a deadline, aiming to solve particular issues. Managers can set Challenges to one or several groups at a time.

    Ideas responding to a Challenge are treated just like regular ideas: they’re assessed and implemented, refused or transferred. The company makes its strategy known through the Challenges it sets out and by the ideas it implements.


  • Assessment – Ideas are assessed and managed by each group manager. Assessement will take in consideration the following: pros and cons, implementation costs and predictable profitability plus feasibility, priority and general quality.Teepin systematises procedures for implementing new ideas, thus reinforcing the acknowledgement and appraisal of those who take part in it.



  • Follow-up – Once an idea is implemented, the manager responsible for its assement can set the procedures for its following-up. Teepin enables a scheduled updating on the implemented ideas and so verifying that all set procedures are met and grasping its effective gain.All this will contribute, throughout time, for a clear vision of all real benefits that the new implemented procedures are bringing into the company.



  • Sharing – If it is considered that another group is more fit to debate and enrich an idea, or that another manager ought to decide over it, that idea can be shared and transferred to whichever group it might be better assessed and implemented.Due to Teepin’s total flexibilty in its immediate management, all ideas will always have the best treatment.


  •  Alerts – Teepin sends out alerts to employees whenever there are changes or there is the need to intervene. The system enables to preset when and how often such alerts will occur, thus calling up users to the application.
    The application general settings include alert management, wherein the frequency of email alerts  sent to all employees are set, among other parameters.


  • Statistics – Teepin features an area dedicated to statistics concerning ideas, people and groups: monthly averages, implementation timetracking and percentages, profitability, etc.

    Statistics make way to overview all action within Teepin as well as the revenue it provides by answering issues such as: Which types of ideas are most proposed? How many ideas are we implementing? How much have we gained from implemented ideas, so far?



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