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Testimonial Monkey

Testimonial Monkey makes it easy for companies to get feedback from their customers. All of the feedback is guaranteed to be shown and the user can respond publicly to each review which enables the service to be used as a two way communication and customer service tool, helping to improve customer satisfaction and reduce product returns.How it works: Your customers are asked to provide a testimonial and once given they are displayed on your own unique page at Testimonial Monkey. You can also choose to integrate and automatically display them on your own website and social media accounts. You can also respond publicly to the customer comments, so the process is an interactive two way one.This honest and open approach to customer feedback helps businesses to improve website conversion rates and boost company profits. Reviews can also be shared with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter helping businesses to build their online reputation and brand.There are five separate plans, so there is something here for everyone. The cheapest plan works out at ?£29 per month, but this has limited functionality and services. The most expensive is designed for enterprises at ?£499 per month. No matter which plan you prefer, the site gives you access to a 30-day free trial too.


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