The Cloud Harbor Business Operations Platform (BOP)


Powerful Business Process Management (BPM) Software.


The Cloud Harbor Business Operations Platform (BOP)
The purpose of the Cloud Harbor Business Operations Platform (BOP) is to bring powerful Business Process Management (BPM) software to anyone who wants to build and/or run Cloud Computing applications. The Cloud Harbor BOP allows our subscribers to create or buy targeted, custom applications specifically suited to their unique business processes and policies.
Even when starting from a pre-defined application template you can quickly and easily change the look and feel, process flow logic, data captured and stored, and the rules or policies embodied in that template. This ability to modify your application to match the needs of your particular organization is one of the great powers of BPM software. Using the Cloud Harbor BOP lets you make your screens and processes look and feel exactly the way your organization works. You can customize layouts, contents, navigation controls, just about anything…

By subscribing to the Cloud Harbor BOP you can buy, create or contract for nearly any IT application. These applications can be customized and branded for your organization’s particular needs, by line-of-business personnel with a minimum of assistance from IT resources.



All you need is a browser and an internet connection and for a small monthly fee you can be developing and running applications in days. Powerful, secure desk-top like applications delivered through an on-line portal and connected to secure relational databases, content management systems and even your own systems behind your firewall.



Affordable Process Modeling, Discovery and Learning Environment


Cloud-delivered BPM with minimal or non-existent start-up costs coupled with low monthly subscription make the power of Business Process Management available and affordable to every organization. It also allows organizations and individuals to begin learning about and working with process modeling and process discovery in an inexpensive, risk-free and productive environment.


A Process-driven Business Ecosystem


    • Single integrated platform for all subscribers
      • Single set of standards simplifies interoperability
      • Common architecture optimizes performance inter/intra enterprise
      • Increases available pool of trained consultants and employees
    • Supports SOA, Web Services and reusable business logic
    • Allows inter/intra enterprise collaboration and process execution
    • Can integrate with other SaaS applications (salesforce.com, etc.)
    • Can integrate with enterprise systems (SAP, ORACLE, etc.)


A Full Featured BPM Suite


    • Platform for creation/execution of web-based business applications
    • Business processes, documents, collaboration, rules and analytics
    • Multi-language and internationalization support
    • Pre-built easy-to-change applications immediately available



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