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The PDF Chef

At last, a fantastic cloud tool for building flyers, brochures newsletters, infographics and all your online, tablet, smartphone and print-ready documents.The PDF Chef takes minutes to master and there are no limits to what can be designed. Great for experimenting with messages as documents can be edited and re-used.This is not a template site, you can create custom templates from scratch in minutes. A simple intuitive, tool set which is incredibly easy to use – will make a designer out of anyone.


Massive cost saving benefits – “use The PDF Chef for 12 months for the cost of a couple of professional design days.” Create stunning documents for use with tablets and smartphones using Adobe Reader 10.3.Unique Facebook integration – post your completed document to Facebook as an album.The PDF Chef is a unique Cloud-based document creation tool that allows users, without design skills or DTP software experience, to easily create professional looking collateral, brochures and newsletters for traditional printing or e-distribution in the global standard Portable Document Format (PDF).This is not a template-only site, nor a competitor to high-end DTP packages such as Adobe InDesign and Quark Xpress, but a unique and complete end-to-end solution that doesn’t require the purchase of any other software nor subscriptions to any other service – and one that massively reduces the costs associated with the use of a traditional designer.


It not only presents business owners with the functionality that suits their document design needs but also automates a large number of processes that ordinarily require user interaction in traditional desktop publishing software – such as document bleed, image cropping, image resolution and formatting, colour usage and so on.


Automating these technical processes reduces a huge barrier to design entry meaning The PDF Chef should make a designer out of anybody.


The PDF Chef also comes complete with an image library of 23,000 images, provided by our partner Fotolia, and an intelligent image editor. Templates are available for users to select and unlike all other template services these can be comprehensively edited and then saved as a different template.The benefits of this feature-rich application extend beyond design with the provision of functionality that allows a user to upload a PDF to Facebook pages – a feature that Facebook themselves don’t provide.


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