Semantically based online enterprise management system.



ThoughtExpress is the world’s first semantically based online enterprise management system that can be applied to any type of enterprise. We provide the entire computing platform, tools, and a semantic computing cloud.


Over the last decade, ThoughtExpress has conducted research into the complexity found in IT systems and enterprise architectures. To reduce this unnecessary complexity we have created a fresh vision for IT together with new forms of expression and infrastructure. As a by-product of this research we have also discovered exciting unexplored ideas such as the semantic human interface and automated enterprise semantics extraction. These can transform the way humans interact with computers.


Currently, there is a great resurgence of interest in semantics for IT, for example, Tim Berners-Lee’s advocacy of the Semantic Web and the various start-ups in semantic search. It is recognised that complexity can be tamed with the appropriate use of semantic technologies. At the same time there is a strong move towards employing a cloud computing model.


However, there seems to be no major system that can run enterprises using a primarily semantic approach. Our research shows that the main reason for this is the absence of appropriate forms of expression. RDF/OWL etc. are inadequate for this purpose, in our opinion. Our most important achievement has been the development of a non-technical, human readable and machine processable form of expression that allows the extraction and expression of enterprise semantics.


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