TIBCO LogLogic® Log Management Intelligence technologies help you collect, index, and analyze logs, log files, and IT data from physical and virtual devices, on-premise and in the cloud. With Log Management Intelligence, you can safely store, archive, retain, filter, and forward logs and log files as well as create reports and run search and analysis.

Log Management Intelligence indexes logs like Google indexes the Web, providing very fast search and discovery of the information you need for forensics studies. Even years of archived IT data can be searched in seconds for a particular data element. With years of history available, you can perform accurate analysis and answer who, what, and when questions with specificity for better IT operations management, security information management, and compliance management.




  • Get Real Value from IT Big Data: Collect, centralize, and leverage all your logs and log files to improve IT operations management, applications management, compliance management, and IT security management.
  • Maximize ROI: Get up and running in typically less than a day, improve efficiency of network resources, and avoid maintenance of complex rules.
  • Analyze Quickly for Best Results: Run sophisticated log, log file, and other IT data analysis for effective and efficient forensics as well as root-cause identification and resolution.
  • Protect in Real Time: Set real-time alerts for potential threats using baseline and trending reports, and develop precise recommendations for threat removal by correlating patterns for known and unknown threats.
  • Manage Compliance without Complexity: Reduce the time, cost, and hassle of delivering internal and external policy audits and compliance reporting with customizable review and audit processes and pre-packaged dashboards, reports, and alerts for many major mandates.


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