Tivoli Management Framework by IBM


Server, Network and Device Management.


Tivoli Management Framework by IBM

IBM Tivoli Server, Network and Device management products allow you to manage an end-to-end view of your IT infrastructure an integrated approach to resource allocation, monitoring and provisioning as well as problem prevention and resolution. These products enable the automation of repetitive IT tasks and processes, and deliver optimized resources in real-time to address changing business demands and to meet service level agreements. Server, Network and Device management is an integral part of IBM Service Management.


The development, deployment, and operation of IT infrastructure have historically been highly segregated activities, optimized for very specific technology silos and their unique functional requirements. IBM IT Service Management unites IBM software and services in a new way – with the goal of reducing the cost of IT and improving end-to-end business performance by connecting silo-specific management tools, people and processes more seamlessly than ever before.


Spanning mainframe to distributed resources


Tivoli Server, Network and Device management spans the entire infrastructure from mainframe to distributed resources. Tivoli’s products are part of a tightly integrated solution that assures scalable cross-platform process integration but remains open and modular enough so that third party tools and systems can be incorporated. Providing sophisticated, automated problem diagnosis and resolution to improve system performance and reduce support costs, Tivoli products leverage your existing IT infrastructure tobecome more responsive to your business priorities.


IBM software from Tivoli


Tivoli software supports IBM’s Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) modular approach by helping small, medium and enterprise sized businesses transition to a service management model for more efficient and effective service delivery in a dynamically changing business environment, where competitiveness requires flexibility, reduced costs, and adherence to compliance regulations. The Tivoli portfolio consists of an open standards based service management platform, process managers, management products, and best practices services.


Leverage your existing investments with ITSM and the Tivoli portfolio for your industry, backed by world-class IBM service, support, and research as well as an active ecosystem of business partners.


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