Ticketing Software System



TopTix Ltd. is a privately-owned software house entirely devoted to the design, development and support of “white label‟ ticketing systems for the live entertainment industry. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner and have close relationships with Microsoft Specialist Developers and Microsoft Labs.

TopTix’ only produces “white label” software, we do not sell any tickets ourselves, either to the public or to our partners, and we do not have any direct affiliations with any ticket agencies – which means that our clients have complete control over the design, layout and branding of their web sites and ticketing services. Furthermore, SRO comes with absolutely ‘no strings attached’ as we have no interest in restricting our clients’ choice of distribution partners or in accessing their tickets or customer data.

The development of our new SRO4 solution has encouraged us to engage more closely with our clients, our partners and our prospective clients, leading to the recent establishment of subsidiary TopTix operations within the UK and North America (to date).


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