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Marketing Software


Totango offers automated customer engagement management to drive conversions, boost retention and grow lifetime value.  The solution is integrated with Saleforce and Marketo among others.

Totango’s Customer Engagement Management platform can help you drive conversions, boost retention, increase sales and customer lifetime value.


Close bigger deals faster by focusing on the right opportunities. We offer predictive analytics insight for your customer marketing campaigns and much more by predicting which users are ready to buy (send a special offer), which users need training (send helpful tips or case studies), which users are at risk, and which users could use a little encouragement from an exec.


It’s 4 times more effective to engage your customer at the right time with the right message.



  • Make Lifecycle Marketing Easy – You want to effectively market to existing customers, as they represent the bulk of your recurring revenue. The key is to use the heaps of information you have about existing users to communicate with each user according to their individual needs.
  • Segment Your Userbase – Do you market to your existing base? Can you segment users based on their interactions with you? Create dynamic segments like “hot trials”, “power users” and “inactive users” with Totango. 
  •  Personalize Marketing – Don’t sound like a robot – even if you are one. Address each user by name and reference their interaction with you or your product. Users will pay more attention and love you for it.
  •  Find More Advocates – Do you want to be alerted to all users adopting a new feature – or to those who have joined the ranks of the power users? Contact the right person for beta programs, case studies and speaking opportunities.


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Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast)