UAS – Universal Accounting Software


Accounting software and targeted business software for a broad range of markets


UAS - Universal Accounting Software

More than ever before, your success depends on running a highly-efficient company while providing your customers with the best possible service. In today’s challenging business climate, you need to find ways to outperform your competition and build customer loyalty while creating and retaining the most revenue possible.


Don’t let our name fool you. Universal Accounting Software, Inc. is more than just accounting software. We provide targeted business software for a broad range of markets including: Wholesale distributors, Storage container & trailer rental, sales and modification suppliers, Masonry product distributors and producers, Equipment and event rental companies, Service & repair operations, Food & foodservice providers and Specialty & industrial retail businesses.


“Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result.” Oscar Wilde


Universal Accounting Software products are designed to spearhead your business success by creating the right conditions for the optimum results. Our objective is to provide you with the right tools to effectively manage and grow your enterprise. We develop, implement and support software solutions that help you control your business, make the right decisions, increase margins and drive your business to its full potential.


Like the clients it serves, Universal Accounting Software is all about progress. Since its inception, UAS’s mission has remained the same: To provide leading-edge business solutions and top-notch technical support. Our claim to fame has always been client retention – and that means we are constantly raising the bar to measure our performance. We believe that we must always look for ways to improve our products and our client services. And that approach seems to be working. Today we have thousands of users in our installed base – and we’re still serving our very first clients.


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