Tag Management System for Websites



UberTags is the best way to manage your website’s 3rd party tagging workflow (e.g., google analytics tags, adwords conversion tracking tags, retargeting, adsense, video widgets, live chat, et al).

Supports virtually all tags types
Speeds your site by loading tags asynchronously
Instant tag launches and holistic view of tagging
As tag usage has grown in recent years, so has tagging pain:
– Tags slow down sites
– Tags go up (on the site), but they never come down
– No one knows where the tags are placed and there?s no easy way to find out
– It takes weeks to launch a 5 minute tag because of waiting for release cycles
UberTags solves tagging pain by placing a single UberTag across your site, which then enables you to manage all tagging workflow and deployments through your browser. You finally have a holistic view of your tags and it’s simple as pie to set up and manage.
Use it for Google Analytics tags, Adwords Conversion Tracking (and other conversion tracking), Retargeting, Google Website Optimizer, Adsense Ad Serving, YouTube Videos, live chat, and more.


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