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UpSNAP is a division of VoodooVox, a leading provider of mobile / local search and advertising solutions. UpSNAP provides voice and text based advertising and content services that work on all mobile phones. UpSNAP enables partners to take advantage of the large growth opportunity for mobile content & advertising based services.
UpSNAP offers a basket of SMS, Audio and Mobile Web enabled services that bring fun, information, and entertainment to mobile devices. UpSNAP can deliver these services to over 230 Million mobile devices in the U.S.:
Music including: Urban, Dance & Techno, Pop, Rock & etc, Classic Rock, Country, World, Jazz, Oldies, Religion, Alt & Indie, Blues, Eclectic Mix, Grab Bag, Hard Edge, Lite, Classical, Hispanic,Audio including: Entertainment, Business & Finance, Religion, Technology, News & Talk, Living, and International Sports, Horoscopes, Alerts, Comedy, Mobile Search.


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