Have your own standalone website with your own design and website address.



Vendo is a web-based “shopping cart” application giving retailers and small businesses a simple and affordable solution for selling online. Unlike third party platforms like Ebay, Vendo allows you to have your own standalone website with your own design and website address.


Vendo is constantly being improved—similar to the way your operating system works on your PC, Vendo has a core code-base that is continually upgraded and improved. That ensures your web-site doesn’t become out of date, with extended functionality added that you can switch on when you need it.


For the web designer:

Vendo gives the professional web designer complete control over the layout using internationally recognised web-standards compliant HTML and CSS, with the ability to extend built-in functionality by adding your own Javascript and PHP.


For the small business owner:

Vendo’s simple to operate interface means you are in total control of what’s displayed on your website, giving you the power to update your website when you need to. Vendo is Google-friendly built-in. You don’t have to learn any code or create separate meta tags; Vendo generates the perfectly formatted code for you, on-the-fly. Anyone can use Vendo with minimal training. That means your website is updated more often, and easier for your customers to buy from.Vendo is the “shopping cart” component of the full Vendorama ecommerce application.


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