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Real-Time Mobile BI Software -KPIs, Alerts and Analytics in less than a day.


Visual KPI

Visual KPI is a software application that lets you monitor your most important data in real time from any web-enabled device, regardless of your location.  It is mobile BI (business intelligence), mobile analytics, mobile monitoring and alerting and it works on Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, PC, Mac, etc.  There’s no app to install on the device so anything with a browser works.  Some of our happy customers put it on flat screens in the control room or data center while others use it purely for mobile phones.



Visual KPI is not a platform or a toolset – it is an application.  What does that mean?  Well, for starters you don’t need to start an expensive consulting project and hire coders to get it working.  In fact, it deploys so quickly that we deploy it for you as part of the cost, and we do it over the web in just a couple of hours.  At the end of one call, you will be monitoring KPIs on your own mobile phone and browser directly from your own data sources.  Read more about what makes this possible and how to try it yourself for free…



No new master source of data to maintain.  Unlike other mobile BI platforms, Visual KPI is focused on real-time and live monitoring of your critical data without creating new headaches for you or your IT department.  We believe that data should live where you want it to, so leave it there and let Visual KPI monitor it.  It doesn’t matter how many sources you have and what they are (data warehouses, databases, web services, data feeds, etc.) – we simply plug in and make the data immediately useful.



Visual KPI is a product of Transpara.


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