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Voxox 2

With VOXOX, you can seamlessly switch between calling, texting, chatting, Facebook, fax and more — all in one unified conversation. We call it modality switching.

VoxOx offers many powerful features to help manage all of your conversations and contacts in one place. Best of all, you can get VoxOx for free!

Free Personal Phone Number

Use your free phone number to forward calls to any and all of your phones, send and receive faxes and text messages — and even route calls depending on who is calling! (If you want to choose a custom phone number, those are available too for a small fee.)

Free Voicemail

With your free number, you also get VoxOx voicemail. Call in from any phone to check your voicemail, or have voicemails sent to your email or mobile phone.

Free VoxOx-To-VoxOx Calls

Whether it’s across the street or across the globe, VoxOx lets you make free calls to all your friends and family. You can even do video calls with VoxOx-to-VoxOx. It’s free and easy so there’s no excuse to pay for calls anymore!

Free Inbound Calls, Texts And Faxes

All inbound calls, texts and faxes to your VoxOx phone number are free. (And if you need to call a landline or mobile phone, check out our super low rates – starting at a penny per minute or per text.)

Free Conference Calls

Create free VoxOx-to-VoxOx conference calls, or conference in up to 20 participants on any phone with our VoxOx On the Go™ service, with free call recording, call transfer and more.

Free Global Access Number

Activate a free global number if you have family (or friends) overseas — it allows them to call you from any telephone line at a local rate. So, while it’s an international call, they pay local. You pay nothing.

Free Chat, Social Features

Chat with your friends and family across any popular IM or social network. Update your status on Facebook, Twitter,AIM, and more – one by one or all at once with global status update.

Free Translation

Use our free VoxOx Universal Translator™ to have a real-time, translated conversation across 2-way chat, SMS, email and Twitter @replies.

Free File Sharing

Send massive files up to 100MB with anyone across any chat, SMS or email.


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