Visual Studio code commenter and documentation generator.



VSdocman, by Helixoft, is an ultimate API documenting tool for every Visual Studio developer – whether you create a class library, a component, a control, an application, a smart device or a web site (ASP .NET).



Generate documentation from Csharp or VB source code.

VSdocman, as a .NET documentation compiler, is directly integrated in Visual Studio so it will assist you with complete process of creating a documention. This includes intelligent semi-automatic commenting of your code elements, creating additional topics (non-API reference), generating and deploying the documentation.



Based on your settings, VSdocman scans a VS project or a solution, and then it generates the final documentation. It automatically reads namespaces, types and their members. Summary, remarks, parameter descriptions and other content are extracted from XML documentation comments (which start with /// or ”’) in your code.

What you get with VSdocman:



  • All in one solution. You can create complex comments, generate VS documentation and then deploy and register it. Everything directly from Visual Studio.
  • Professional documentation of your code can be created in seconds for your customers, clients, you and your co-developers.
  • Consistency. All changes in the code are automatically reflected in newly generated documentation which is always up to date and accurate.
  • Documentation in various formats and languages can be produced with a few mouse clicks.
  • Efficient communication within a team, especially when a version control (e.g. TFS, SVN or SourceSafe) is used. Each developer comments his code. Everybody in a team can then see the comments, get an on-line help and use IntelliSense tooltips to easily understand the code.
  • The source code is precisely commented and looks professional.


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