Testing Environment for Running Distributed Load Tests



WAPT Pro provides the full featured load testing environment. In addition to the functionality of the regular version it has a number of benefits making it the product of choice for load testing professionals. If you need to perform load testing regularly at different locations, run cloud-based tests, create high load, receive detailed information on the server performance or have more flexibility in processing web site responses, WAPT Pro is the best choice for you.


Distributed load generation
By default the WAPT Pro license will allow you to use 2 systems for load generation. If you need higher load, you can easily increase this number by purchasing additional load agent licenses. The system is fully scalable. You can add as many agents as you need for your testing goals.



Remote test control and cloud-based testing
Tests can be launched from different locations using load agents installed anywhere on the network and in the clouds. The process is easily manageable from the workplace component of the product. Such architecture makes it a perfect cloud-ready testing solution.



Server and database performance monitoring
Monitor performance parameters such as CPU, RAM or network usage and hundreds other counters from servers running your web site. SNMP and WMI interfaces are supported. Predefined lists of counters are provided for MS SQL, MySQL and Oracle servers.



JavaScript-enabled server response processing
To emulate the work of RIA application clients you may need to process server responses in order to extract session-specific values from them. These values are required to pass correct data back to the server in subsequent requests. In WAPT Pro you can use JavaScript code to process server responses with a complex structure. Such approach provides much higher flexibility than standard value extraction functions.



Integration with the x64 Load Engine
WAPT Pro creates test load with help of the external load generation units. By default it uses load agents that come together with the product in the same installation package. However they can be replaced with much more powerful x64 Load Engines. Each engine can create from 10,000 to 50,000 virtual users depending on the system configuration.


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