Watershed Strategy Execution


Improving Strategic Plan Success Through Execution


Watershed Strategy Execution

Watershed is more than software. It includes a team of consultants. The package of software and professional services allows you access to software which keeps strategy in the forefront of business decision-making without the need to hire or retain additional performance management staff. We work with managers individually to monitor strategy, analyze processes, identify changes in business opportunities and threats, then react quickly by making data driven decisions. We ensure that staff members have visibility of the overall strategy they are meant to be implementing. We give management and staff the tools needed to make strategy understandable in everyday terms and to engage with each other as they execute their strategic plan.

Watershed  ensures that all levels of an organization are engaged in and executing the same unified strategy. We use a variety of training and coaching techniques along with online scorecards, email alerts and reporting to increase the success of performance management systems such as the Balanced Scorecard, Lean and Six Sigma by extending their reach to all employees and by reducing the time and effort needed to implement and sustain these systems.

Having Watershed at your company is like having a fully capable Strategy Department, at a fraction of the cost. Watershed offers plans which help businesses to measure and communicate what they are doing, discover their successes, and focus their efforts on doing more of what works to achieve specific business goals.


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