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WebEngage offers a widely used in-site customer engagement suite. In layman terms, it helps you get insights beyond analytics and it also helps you drive sales by pushing real-time offers and discounts to, say, people sitting idle on the checkout page. With three products rolled into one, WebEngage lets you collect feedback, gather customer insights via in-site surveys and run marketing promotions using push notifications.



WebEngage gets you amazing customer insights with targeted surveys. Profile your visitors, measure customer satisfaction and achieve your marketing goals. With WebEngage surveys, we do something very simple – help you connect with your visitors by letting you ask short questions. These questions can be targeted to a specific audience. For example, only to visitors who come via Google search, or to visitors who come from certain geographic locations, or to first time visitors , or to visitors who have spent at least 60 seconds on your site … the list goes on. Using our rule builder, you can specify a combination of these rules for every WebEngage survey. Sounds exciting?


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