See and hear how users experience YOUR website.



Whatusersdo is an online User Experience research service. You can set a task for our users and we record their screens and spoken thoughts as they complete that task. You can then watch online videos of their computer screens, mobile devices and voices.We set up whatusersdo so anyone, in any size or type of organisation, can observe real people using their website or mobile app. Quickly, easily and cost-effectively.Our clients use whatusersdo to test usability, benchmark competing websites, better understand user behaviour and get feedback on their online propositions. In fact, so long as it’s online, you can get qualitative user insights into almost anything. You can even test mobile websites and apps using our new mobile testing service.

whatusersdo Ltd was established in 2008 and whatusersdo.com was launched in public beta in November 2009. We are currently funded by North Star Equity Investors. We’re working on some very exciting new features.



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