Xtenza eDistimate


Web-based Distribution Management Application


Xtenza eDistimate

Inventory is one of the most critical business assets for a distributor. Inventory management translates directly into money earned, or money lost, in this highly competitive industry. The more accurate the inventory information you have, the better positioned your company is to improve turnaround time, to save money and to satisfy your customers. Distributors need the ability to track inventory effectively: where it is, where it has been, and where it is headed. Purchasing managers need that data to make better, more informed buying decisions. Sales people need that data to know what goods are available and when they can be shipped. Most importantly, a distributor wants to hold only the inventory it needs, no more and no less.


eDistimate by Xtenza Solutions is a web based distribution management application that provides real-time inventory status. Employees can track any piece of data that impacts inventory, such as sales orders, transactions, quotes, adjustments and accounts payable, dramatically improving visibility and providing a competitive edge. eDistimate is a collaborative application that can eliminate manual order entry. Dealers, retailers, and sales representatives can use their web browser to submit orders online that then flow automatically into your system. Any required order review or credit approval steps can be managed via a customized electronic workflow. On the purchasing side, suppliers can interface their ERP system to provide the most up to date shipment status.


Xtenza Solutions enables your sales team to maintain a graphical overview of the status of all customer orders, easily updating the customer (via email) as the order progresses through the warehouse to shipping. It will also produce the necessary documents to fulfill the orders including documents which can be used as the packing list, dispatch note and invoice. Included in this application are a range of innovative features which simplify the management of purchase orders and sales orders within your business, making your job easier and substantially quicker, saving you money.


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