The YOC Group is Europe’s leading full service provider for the use of the mobile phone as an advertising, information and transaction medium. YOC is a one-stop shop for Mobile Marketing, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Internet Technology, Mobile Enabling, Mobile Content and Affiliate Marketing, covering the whole value chain of mobile business models. What is YOC Performance?
YOC Performance is a web-based, self-service marketplace for advertising on mobile phones. Our system not only enables advertisers to create and manage their mobile campaigns but also supports publishers and developers to monetise their mobile traffic.

Why advertise with YOC Performance?

  • Target your audience on mobile
  • Maximize return on investment
  • Efficient mobile advertising
  • Brand and Performance campaigns
  • Global mobile inventory
  • High usability – Intuitive and easy to use tools
  • High quality standards
  • More than 8 years’ experience in Mobile Marketing


Key features for advertisers

  • CPC & CPM bidding models
  • Advanced targeting
  • Comprehensive real-time reporting & analytics
  • Start advertising within minutes
  • Be advertiser & publisher within the same account
  • Apple iPhone campaigns


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