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A free product reviews system for eCommerce websites.


Yotpo social reviews

Yotpo was founded in March 2011, with the clear vision of changing how users make shopping decisions online. Since its foundation, Yotpo has been growing. We’ve brought on board a world-class team of R&D engineers, UI experts, and biz-dev wizards; we’ve built a top-of-the-line support team, and have brought in social media experts. We are now loved by thousands of shops, and more are installing us every day.




Yotpo is a plug and play social reviews solution for e-commerce websites. Yotpo is focused on providing the best social review experience for every website in the world. With Yotpo shoppers can read and write social reviews, get automatic reminders to write reviews and even have an automatic review loyalty program. Yotpo also includes powerful reports and analytics giving online merchants actionable insight to improve merchandising strategy. Don’t you want to know what your customers are doing inside Facebook? Twitter?




A review with the added depth of the searcher’s social graph. In other words, we created a unique ranking algorithm that takes into consideration social relation of the author and the searcher, the author past social reactions, the product past social reactions and a lot more. Basically getting real reviews from real people, no more fake reviews!


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